3L DISTRIBUTION 66 is a central buying specialist that meets all your procurement needs by giving you access to our full range of services. Over 15, 000 references, including our own well-known brand Belle France, are available at the best prices on the market and we can match demand, meaning we are able to supply stores of any size, from 200 to 3, 000 square metres. Our product range and sales conditions mean we are able to supply wholesalers that work in their own national markets to distribute to retailers and out-of-home caterers, delivering to cafés, hotels, restaurants, base camps and international organisations. For supermarkets, we recommend that widest range possible as this is vital to a store's success. For wholesalers, we recommend a more restricted range, but still broad enough, and we encourage them to take advantage of our service offering mixed containers of dozens or hundred of items - all at the best price, helping them to minimise stock levels and the amount of cash tied up unnecessarily in stock. As well as supplying over 1, 000 outlets daily in France, our efficient logistics are able to process and respond to any order from international clients, in full compliance with the strictest export standards. We are accredited by the French veterinary authorities and registered with the authorities in a large number of countries.

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