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Orient Systems LLC is a developer and manufacturer of high-precision satellite navigation equipment for professional solutions. The company was founded in 2014. Now it is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, where the development of equipment and modern technologies takes place. The main products of Orient Systems are GNSS receivers, GSM/UHF modems and navigation systems for integration into various projects. This equipment is used for positioning with centimeter accuracy and determining object orientation angles with an accuracy of (0.2 / R) ° in such applications as geodesy, hydrography, agriculture, mining, UAV, unmanned vehicles, etc. All company employees have specialized higher education and extensive experience working with suchequipment. Therefore, the main priority is to create a simple and convenient to use, as well as cost-effective product for integration or work. Orient Systemsalsoprovides services for the development and production of GNSS equipment for individual customer requirements. The company's specialists can train users to work with GNSS equipment, provide assistance and technical support on any issues.

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