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ALUDIS has been manufacturing aluminium and titanium products and semi-finished products for over 20 years. We specialise in sheet aluminium and titanium, titanium and aluminium bar, aluminium tube, aluminium and titanium wire, standard sheets and profiles or to plan in all formats, even the most unusual. We endeavour to provide the best prices and deadlines without compromising on the quality of products which respect European and international standards. Our products are used in a range of applications in industry, aeronautics, petrochemicals and the medical sector. We can also meet all your requirements for other materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze or inconel. We have recently begun to offer copper and brass products of all types. We hold central stocks of aluminium and titanium sheet and plate, titanium and aluminium bar, aluminium tubes, copper and brass products, aluminium and titanium wire, sheet and profiles in standard formats or to plan. We try to hold as much stock as possible so that we can ship goods to clients without delay and maintain a degree of price stability. ALUDIS is committed to providing you with quality products that will ensure the safety and correct operation of your equipment. 

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Entreprise certifiée ISO 9001

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Partenaire depuis 25 ans de l'industrie du décollage et de la mécanique générale, ainsi que de l'industrie aéronautique .


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