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ATHEX is a manufacturer of light-permeable tubes (45–450 mm diameters), profiles and machining parts made from acrylic (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC). Our customers predominantly operate in the lighting industry. For exterior lighting, we supply round and square tubular cylinders for post-top lanterns, and for interior lighting, we offer customised extruded housings for LED moisture-proof lights, light profiles for LED strip lights and housings for LED tubular lights. Using material mixtures optimised for LEDs, we can tailor the light transmission and dispersion values to the specific application. Other material properties, such as impact strength, chemical resistance (e.g. ammonia), UV transparency, anti-microbial properties or BPA-free composition, enable our products to be used in many biotechnological applications, such as farming lighting, grow lighting and bioreactors. ATHEX is a medium-sized enterprise headquartered in Werl (Germany).

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