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In the 1980s, our company optimized the technology of electronic lock for security doors. We have resolutely opted for the niche market of electronic security locks and have operated under the brand name Technilock. Thanks to our specialization, we quickly developed high quality locking solutions. In 2000, the brand name Technilock was sold, and we moved to a new name: B&B Locks. Thanks to our extensive experience, B&B Locks offers you in-depth know-how in modern quality security locks. We combine high quality standards with the personalization and flexibility of a family business. Strict quality control and short delivery times set us apart from the competition. Understanding the specific needs of the customer is essential for Locks. By understanding these needs, we develop custom-tailored working concepts, adapting the B&B design to the desires of our clients. We are focused on creating security locks that are durable, robust and reliable. In addition, the quality control is a priority at B&B Locks, ensuring that your lock meets all your safety and security needs. Intense quality control procedures make our security locks one of most efficient and reliable in the industry. B&B Locks has a network of partners for the occasions when interventions are necessary. B&B Locks support you in all your after sales requests. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

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B&B LOCKS - G1 lock (ENG)

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    Pääkonttori – Emoyhtiö
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    Valmistaja/ Tuottaja



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