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BYYD is a tech-based Russian company that focuses exclusively on mobile marketing and mobile advertising. We provide fully-featured support for each advertising campaign at all stages: briefing, production, as well as advertising design, design and production of advertising campaigns in applications for mobile phones, a report on the marketing campaign. Advertising banner formats: full-screen banners, native format, rich-media banners, video. Our partners are the largest network and independent advertising agencies. Our tools include all of the key SSPs that provide us with a portfolio of over 100, 000 mobile apps with the tools anywhere in the world ensuring an unprecedented reach. We offer our clients the Brand Lift service – a study that helps to assess organic brand awareness among the mobile audience taking into account the large percentage of mobile only users, as well as to obtain data on brand awareness increase after advertising activity. Our cases and more complete information you can obtain through the website: https: //

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O Eye

Case Study ・ 29. kesäk. 2022 lue lisää Open In New icon

Hello! Today we are talking about the advertising campaign for Bioderma, which we implemented in Turkey. Our goal was to increase the general brand awareness and the Sensibio H2O Eye product in particular. And also to attract an audience to the product page on the client’s website. To do this, we used an interactive Rich Media banner. We set up the display for the target audience, which we selected according to relevant interests, including cosmetics, dermatology, beauty, health, online shopping and others. In conjunction with Bioderma’s digital team, campaign optimisation included selecting sites that showed the best CPC and high results. The evaluation was carried out according to the statistics of the BYYD platform. As a result, we achieved good post-click performance. So, for example, the session depth is 32 seconds more than average. And the bounce rate is 8% less than the average for mobile advertising and 19% less than the average for the site.


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