cnc-multitool is part of the Quepas Group and dates back to 1996. Quepas develops not only CNC machinery for Styropor and Styrodur, but also software. Since 2006, we have been producing 2D and 3D objects from EPS, XPS and EPP on behalf of our customers using our own machinery. This results in a mutual transfer of expertise, which ensures that cnc-multitool is always progressing. Founder and CEO of Quepas and cnc-multitool is Ingo Besinger. As a young engineer, he started out by developing modular kits for small Styrofoam cutting machines. Impressed by the quality, customers kept demanding more powerful machines and extra functions. This gave rise to the most innovative German manufacturer of CNC software and machinery for the processing of polystyrene, polypropylene and other thermal foams. To this day, the "Made in Germany" stamp stands for high quality, which is very much part of our company philosophy at cnc-multitool.

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  • Perustamisvuosi 2006
  • Yrityksen laatu Yrityksen laatu Pääkonttori, Emoyhtiö
  • Päätoimiala Päätoimiala Valmistaja/ Tuottaja

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  • Leikkauskonetyökalut
  • 3D-ohjelmistot
  • Cutting machines for Styropor®
  • CNC milling machines
  • Processing machinery for Styropor®
  • Machines and systems for surface coating
  • Recycling machines for Styropor
  • Coating machines for Styropor
  • polystyreenin työstö
  • solupolystyreeni
  • muovintyöstökoneet
  • cnc-leikkaus
  • jyrsinkoneet
  • leikkauskoneet
  • giljotiinileikkurit
  • polystyreeni
  • teollisuusporat
  • muovien muovaus
  • Polystyreeni - koneet ja laitteet
  • äänikortit
  • leikkauskoneet vaahtomuoville
  • Grafiikkaohjelmistot
  • 3D-mallinnusohjelmistot
  • c.n.c.-jyrsintä
  • CNC-jyrsintäkäsittely
  • CNC-jyrsin
  • Polystyreenin murskaimet
  • Mainosvälineet
  • 4-akselinen CNC-jyrsintä
  • CNC-jyrsin
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