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The company "TOR" was formed in 1992. From the very beginning, the company's management planned to produce devices not only equal to, but also superior in quality to the world's developments. The torus-200 welding machine was one of the first Russian-made inverters. It has produced a truly revolutionary effect on the Russian market of welding equipment! Its technical parameters were not inferior to foreign analogues of European production, and the price was much lower. Currently, thanks to the improvement of the technological process, we have managed to increase production capacity, which has allowed us to increase production volumes and expand the line of torus devices from household to industrial, while maintaining high quality and affordable prices. But the demands of the market are constantly growing, and our company does not stand still either. Large government projects require powerful welding equipment. We have patented and started mass production of another line of welding equipment under the brand "Viking". The company's TOR welding equipment is certified by NAKS (National welding control Agency). All production and Assembly of TORUS and VIKING welding inverters is carried out in Russia by highly qualified and carefully selected personnel. Quality control is performed at every stage of the building process. All devices undergo multi-stage testing before release.

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