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FEMIA designs and builds machines and equipment for the preparation and continuous thermal processing of vegetables, sweet corn and fruits. For almost 60 years FEMIA has been supplying the canning, deep freezing and fresh produce industries on every continent. From product reception in the factory to its transfer to packaging or freezing line, we have an answer to your every need, with a wide range of capacities up to 20 tonnes per hour: Reception and line feeding, cleaning, washing, sorting, grading, destalking, trimming, cutting, conveying and transfer. Continuous thermal processing: blanching, cooling, rehydration, dehydration, drying. We are continually innovating and improving our machinery to meet your requirements: Increasing the yield of your lines Preserving the quality of your products Reducing water and energy consumption Simplifying and reducing the cost of maintenance Increasing the lifespan of your machinery We are with you all the way: We carry out design, layout and detail studies plus project management, assembly, installation, commissioning and training. Trials can be arranged on our pilot thermal processing equipment to optimise time and temperature parameters so as to obtain the product quality you desire. We offer spare parts as well as machine repairs and overhauls, either on site or at our premises.

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    11 – 50
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    1 – 10
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    70 %


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    Pääkonttori – Emoyhtiö
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    Valmistaja/ Tuottaja



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