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Foodcom S.A. is a reliable supplier of raw ingredients from Europe. We collaborate with companies from all around the world, providing them with commodities from our diverse product range. On our website, you can receive all the information about our products. Foodcom S.A. is a trading company that specializes in the food and feed industries. We are industry experts when it comes to the trade of Dairy products, Plant-Based Products, Category 3, Food and Feed Additives and Chemicals, and we are growing exponentially in this field. Our expertise enables us to maintain supply chain continuity in challenging market situations. Thanks to our Foodcom team, the company has gained many loyal Business Partners and is further expanding and attracting numerous devoted Business Contacts.The firm now has five VAT Numbers, and is rapidly progressing in this area. Our workforce is full of passionate traders from all around the world, for you to receive the highest caliber solution and to give you the finest possible service. This is why our traders can speak more than 25 languages in total! For a seamless and effective business, we have different teams working in each of the departments in our back office, including administration, sales support, finance, logistics, and marketing.

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About Foodcom S.A.

About Foodcom S.A.

Why ORCAS? ・ 31. tammik. 2023 lue lisää Open In New icon

What's the deal (pun intended) with the ORCAS? Why such a choice? Why do we want Foodcom S.A. to be associated with these very animals? That will become clear shortly. Orcas are some of the largest ocean creatures in the world. They are sometimes called "wolves of the sea." They are unstoppable, have their own way of communicating, function like a well-oiled machine, and are actively seeking for the best resources. It's just like us. The commodity market is an ocean of unlimited possibilities for us. Teamwork is definitely one of the things we are experts at. As an international team, we have developed our own way of communicating that just works. And most importantly, we are unstoppable. But you probably already know that.



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Crown Square building

Przyokopowa 31, 7th floor

01-208 Warszawa, Poland - Puola


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    Pääkonttori – Emoyhtiö
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