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Geyzer, LLC is a manufacturer of heating equipment with a specification on incinerators. This equipment is more and more popular, because of an ecofriendly and cost effective way to handle its waste management. Now our company is one of the biggest of this branch and is growing very fast. Incineration provides the highest destruction efficiency of waste. Slufer components and dangerous hydrocarbons from oil and gas industry, including BTEX can be incinerated, too. Our high technology constructions can achieve an efficiency of 99.9 %(DRF), depending on the materials you put in. Because of our know-how, we have automated the burning process to an optimal level with cost-economical fuel consumption. • Food industry disposal • Hospital-, laboratory-, pharmaceutical waste • Oil Industry • Marine/ offshore • Places with a difficult access like islands or cities which are far from civilization • Military bases and hospitals • Mobile incinerators for any help in ecological harming situations We can offer good quality, affordable prices and attractive conditions.

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