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Grand Gector has been working in the Russian market since 2003. Our company provides consulting services for the clients that intend to engage in export activities and interested in promotion of their products and services at foreign markets. We offer an innovative solution - a full range of services to help Moscow and Russian export companies to go global - the GREENLINE EXPORT program including a comprehensive suite of services designed to promote export activities (from developing go-to-market strategies to assisting logistics activities). Our long experience and partnership relations with the leaders in Marketing & Analitics - Euromonitor International and Visable (Europages & WLW) - enable us to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions. Еuromonitor International is a strategic market research platform that provides data on industries, countries and consumers. Support of strategic goals and business planning. Europages & WLW (united under the brand name Visable) are European largest B2B portals for supplier search. More than 3 million global visitors per mounth - mainly from Europe (71%). User profile page creation provides the opportunity to share information about clients' products and services with global consumers in 15 languages (including Russian). Grand Gector offers flexible pricing and delivers personalized engagement to every client.

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