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We are an authorised distributor that supplies installation companies and contractors in Europe with components for photovoltaic and heating installations. Greto offers photovoltaic modules, inverters, EV chargers, heat pumps, and DHW tanks. Our products have already been trusted by hundreds of customers in over 21 countries. The company has offices in Gdynia and Berlin and guarantees fast delivery from 5 warehouses across Europe. The Greto team is made up of highly qualified specialists. They are responsible for both sales and professional customer service, as well as technical support. In addition to sales, the company is also a reliable source of knowledge about the products on offer and advises customers on the selection of appropriate solutions and devices that set trends in the renewable energy industry. The company's portfolio includes, among others, JA Solar, Hyundai, and AE Solar photovoltaic modules, SolaX and KSTAR inverters, Wallbox Chargers and Autel Energy EV chargers, NEP and TSUN microinverters, Greto Heating DHW tanks and Gree, Mitsubishi, and Kaisai heat pumps. Greto's selection of equipment is based on the latest trends and technological developments in the PV and HVAC industry and customer demand throughout Europe. All products have up-to-date certificates and a multi-year guarantee.

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Customer Panel is availbale now!

Customer Panel is availbale now!

Tuotteen lanseeraus ・ 18. heinäk. 2023 lue lisää Open In New icon

Customer Panel is availbale now! We are changing for you, therefore, to meet your expectations, we have decided to launch a customer panel. This is a special platform on our website where you can place orders for renewable energy products that we offer. How to access the panel? Nothing easier. Just go to our website and register here: After successful verification, you get the opportunity to place orders.


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