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If you are looking for valves and accessories for controlling a wide range of media, you have come to the right place at HO-Matic AG. Since our company was founded in 1977, we have specialised in the control of gases and fluids, as well as abrasive materials. Alongside close cooperation with internationally renowned suppliers of a range of different valves, such as ROSS EUROPA GmbH or Buschjost Magnetventile GmbH & Co. KG, HO-Matic AG has developed its very own product – the HOmatic pinch valve. It is now extremely popular with customers on all continents for solving a wide range of control problems. Our many years of experience in the field of valve technology and the high quality standards of our products mean that we are able to transform customer wishes into impressive technical solutions. Our products include: Regulating valves for pipelines; Pinch valves; Shut-off valves; Compressed-air control valves and much more

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