LE MANTINDJAN is a French company. We are wholesalers and suppliers of Shea butter, cocoa butter, palm oil, palm wine (Sodabi) and peanut oil. All our products are of high biological quality and produced on a small scale; they are unrefined, organic products. Our various products are intended for trade customers to whom we can sell in large quantities: minimum order quantity 50 kg. But we can supply up to one tonne, or more. Our prices are adjusted and decrease as the order quantity rises. Our professional teams are ready to take your queries and guarantee to respond within 24 hrs. We are eager to give our existing customers the greatest satisfaction, and also our future customers to ensure our partnerships with them last over time. We would emphasize that we are not raw materials purchasers, but that we are exclusively wholesalers and suppliers.



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  • Import export of cocoa butter
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  • Import export of peanut oil
  • Import export organic plant oils
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