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Lederer has been one of the leading providers of stainless steel connection elements for over 50 years and offers more than 60, 000 different articles directly off the shelf: - Screws, bolts, nuts, rings, washers, etc. - Made of stainless steel, steel and non-ferrous materials - Standard parts - DIN, EN, ISO and in-house standards - Articles and special materials according to drawings. At the same time, more and more customers are relying on process-optimised procurement via C-parts management from Lederer. Benefit from the following advantages yourself: - Up to 50% process cost reduction - Permanent availability and guaranteed quality - Reduced capital commitment thanks to inventory reduction - Individual logistics, e.g. Kanban, consignments, and more. Lederer is large enough to implement comprehensive, detailed projects – we would be happy to provide examples of previous projects if requested – and, at the same time, small enough to be able to react quickly, flexibly and unbureaucratically to the demands of the market and our customers.

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Deutsch Katso 200 tuotetta


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    101 – 200


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    Valmistaja/ Tuottaja

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