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MEGACOUNT is a global manufacturer of people counting systems, software and systemic solutions for shopping malls and retail. Our product range includes accurate 2D, 3D and wireless infrared people counters, as well as analytical software. We are a team of professionals united by a common goal — to find the best solution for customer traffic analysis, and we have created internationally recognized equipment of highest quality and accuracy. With our 3D counters, the installation and set-up are simple, and the system itself is highly reliable, accurate and low-maintenance. In MEGACOUNT, we know everything about footfall counting and customer psychology, just as we know that a counter by itself offers a limited range of features. That’s why having employed the latest technologies, we have also developed two software options — Statistics and OMEGA. These are powerful tools for understanding visitor behavior, for calculating conversion, optimizing staff schedule and space organization, learning which stores and showcases attract more customers and choosing an effective marketing strategy. All these invaluable insights help businesses make informed strategic decisions.

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New IR People Counters

Tuotteen lanseeraus ・ Jun 17, 2020

MEGACOUNT is releasing a new product soon — upgraded infrared counters OMEGA-USB and OMEGA-ETH! The counters are wireless and can push data through (s)FTP and HTTP(s); they can also be connected to the Omega cloud system for analytics.Stay tuned!

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