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Our company has over 40 years of professional experience in the cultivation and processing of medicinal mushrooms. Our business is defined by the following aspects: •Premium quality raw materials; transparent and verified tracking of products from cultivation to distribution; regular checks by accredited German laboratories; processing at our production facilities in Germany and Austria; personal customer service. With every delivery, you will receive detailed analyses and certificates that unequivocally confirm the marketability of our products with regard to food quality and/or organic certification. Quality control and analysis is ensured at the highest level – our incoming goods inspection and quality assurance procedures are carried out in Germany according to GMP-SOP certification and validation. The raw materials are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and microbiology as well as radioactivity and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, with over 250 parameters tested in total. Mycotrition offers you medicinal mushroom extracts and medicinal mushroom powder with the highest possible quality. • organic mushroom powder + conventionally grown • organic mushroom extract + conventionally grown • bulk capsules • grain • special extracts (30% polysaccharides) • contact us for special requests

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Treffen Sie uns auf Asiens größte Fachmesse für Rohstoffe / Inhaltsstoffe für Nahrungsergäzungsmittel und Nutraceuticals. Wo: Singapur / Sands Expo & Convention Centre Wann: 11. - 12. September 2018 Um vor Ort ein persönliches Gespräch mit uns zu vereinbaren, schreiben Sie uns eine E-Mail Unser Management und Salesteam freut sich darauf, Sie kennenzulernen.



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