Tomasz Pawlik is the owner of Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe Pat, manufacturer of clothes. The company's head office is in Łódź.

Our product offer includes leggings. We provide sizes for adult women and children. We have a very wide range of styles, patterns and colours, so they can match almost any outfit. The clothes are made of high-quality materials that allow the skin to breathe. Users appreciate the high quality of fabrics we apply, as they do not stretch with washing and do not wear away quickly.

For ladies who want to highlight their silhouette and hide its imperfections, we recommend our slimming leggings. The slim-fit model highlights feminine silhouette very well. In addition, they look good, so they can be easily included in more elegant stylisations.

For ladies, who are careful about each detail of their clothing, we have leggings with a line of lace along the leg. Our Clients frequently combine this fashionable design with dresses or tunics.

We also offer sweat leggings with back pockets, perfect for running or walking.

Our portfolio includes also:
- classic leggings,
- maternity leggings,
- children's leggings with a stripe,
- classic children's leggings,
- three-quarter-length leggings.

We also recommend our new product - leather latex leggings.

We invite you to contact the company PAT company from Łódź. We ensure the highest quality of clothes.

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