Plant “Penzenskie Elektrody” is one of the top producers of welding electrodes in Russia and CIS.
Our goods are used by enterprises of construction, repair and engineering industries.

Electrodes manufactured by the “Penzenskie Elektrody” plant are used for installation of structures of various degrees of complexity - from doors and gates to sports facilities, shopping centers and facilities of high danger level.

“Penzenskie Elektrody” LLC is different from other manufacturers by our mobility in solving any issues and 24/7 technical support. Our specialists have years of experience, which allows us to answer any questions of our customers. For successful sales, we regularly organize video conferences with our partners and share our new developments and sales experience. This increases the level of confidence in the quality and competitiveness of our goods.

Unfailing quality of our products was appreciated by such large companies as SURGUTNEFTEGAS PJSC, Plant KRASNOE SORMOVO PJSC, TRANSNEFT PJSC, METALLOINVEST MC LLC, gold-mining company POLUS and others. And also by companies involved in supply and industrial kitting.

We have extensive experience in organizing transport logistics. Product shipment time is the shortest in Russia.

Process department is constantly searching for new materials to improve the welding and technological properties of the electrodes.

All this allows us to move forward confidently and dynamically.

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  • Perustamisvuosi 1963
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