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Peroni - is a Russian family company that invented and released in 2013 a unique, natural and innovative product – honey-souffle. Peroni Honey-soufflé is not just honey, but an unusual honey dessert. 100% Natural, delicious and very beautiful. In the composition - only pure honey and fruits, berries, nuts. In Russia, it has already become an usual product for breakfast, as well as a great gift for any occasion! The unique technology of gentle cold kneading allows you to save everythingproperties of honey and ingredients (fruits, berries, nuts). An ideal alternative to unhealthy sweets and desserts. Product quality. Peroni was awarded 11 “Product of the Year” awards, London Honey Awards, Live Organic Awards, the Healthy Nutrition Award and many others. The assortment of more than 12 varieties in three types of packaging, as well as more than 20 options for gift sets. In addition to honey soufflé, the line includes pure honey, honey teas, spices for tea and coffee, honey soap and eco-candles! Peroni - for people with taste! B2B collaboration. The products are perfect for gourmet boutiques, tea and coffee shops, flower shops, gift shops, local and federal chains, HoReCa segment.We offer a wholesale buyer products from a warehouse in Vilnius that are already completely ready for sale. Marketing. To launch sales, we are developing a marketing program. It can be tastings and promotions, connecting media and bloggers, a huge number of photo materials and video presentations.

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New fresh taste of honey-souffle!

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The most juicy, bright and refreshing - a new taste in our collection of honey-soufflé. Moderately thick, sweet and enveloping honey soufflé with watermelon and banana will give you all the benefits of honey and fruits, saturating and filling the body with vigor and energy. Honey-soufflé Peroni with watermelon and banana has a delicate aroma and balanced taste, quickly removes the feeling of hunger. What does honey-soufflé watermelon-banana look like? Of course, a flavored fruity smoothie. You can immediately imagine yourself in the pool with a refreshing fruit cocktail.


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