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Since being founded in 1975, we have exclusively focused on the tube trade and tube processing industries. By concentrating on thin-walled and capillary tubes, we have amassed unique expertise that we use and build on every day in order to satisfy our customers. You can also make use of our production experience and the relationships we have cultivated with top global factories over the last 40 years. Our efficiency and product range are bound to impress you. We make optimum use of intensive training and teaching opportunities, as well as internal and external audits, to ensure that our staff always have their finger on the pulse and are continuously improving their knowledge.

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  • Henkilökunnan määrän mukaan
    11 – 50


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  • Päätoimiala



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  • Putket ja putken osat, ruostumatonta terästä
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  • Precision abrasive cutting
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