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The S & S HINGE Company (E-Commerce - Buy Online - www.SandSHinge.com) is a third generation Lean continuous piano hinge manufacturer (Est. 1932). We manufacture the mid-range gauges (.035, .040, .050, .060, and .070) of continuous piano hinges in steel, stainless, aluminum, bright-annealed stainless, brass pre-plate, and nickel pre-plate. We can customize our standard continuous piano hinges with Value-Added options including: Cut-to-length, hole punching, forming, swaging, offsetting, staking, and many other Value-Added fabrications and post-finishes. S & S stands for "Savings and Service" - the old-fashioned values on which our founders built the business. Today, that means: Free new-product development, free engineering assistance and free engineered samples/prototypes, new State-of-the-Art ERP/MRP Lean process management systems provide shorter average lead times, certified TQM program assures 100% defect-free parts, and inventory management programs covering all inventory-flow types (ex: JIT, Kanban, etc.).

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We are proud to offer competitive prices, ISO 9001:2015 consistent quality, on time delivery and award winning customer service. We also offer free hinge engineering and free samples to prove form, fit and function for any new projects your engineering group might require.


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