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Yaloga-NT Company, organized in 2016, produces additives and ingredients for the food industry (food gel colors, natural food colors) under the brand KREDA. Food colors are used for the coloring of foodstuffs and beverages, confectionery products, decoration of baked goods and etc. The company uses many years’ knowledge and experience in working with color, KREDA products embody the unity of science and nature. The Kreda concept embodies the idea of conscious selection of ingredients for culinary ideas. We put a priority on the quality, availability and safety of our products for people and the environment. KREDA products have passed quality and safety testing at the European certification center Untersuchungs-und Forschungslaboratorium GmbH (Germany) successfully. KREDA food colors are • Wide color palette for any product • Safe to use • Do not change the properties of the painted base • Economical in consumption

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The use of Kreda food dyes in food production

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Color is one of the main criteria when choosing a product. Today, the market offers a wide range of attractive products that are unlikely to be chosen without their attractive appearance. Yaloga-NT company (Kreda TM) offers complex food additives (CFA) containing dyes of both synthetic and natural origin. When using CFA of natural origin, specific taste and aroma of the additive as well as conditions of the technological process should be taken into account. Synthetic dyes have a number of advantages over natural ones, such as bright saturated colors, independence from the pH of the product, and color stability at temperatures above 180°C. To obtain a bright saturated color at minimal cost, we recommend the S-gel and F-gel water- and fat-soluble concentrates. For the production of products that require light aroma and color, it is recommended to use the Arcol-gel line, which combines aromatic and coloring abilities. Produce with Kreda!


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