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With 30 years' experience, ALE73 is your specialist for the design, fabrication, assembly and transfer of machinery for the concrete industry to over 30 countries in Europe, central and eastern Europe, northern and central Africa, etc. Our primary activity is the transfer of complete used concrete plants and their on-site reassembly, in France and internationally. Our secondary activity centres on the sale of equipment and production plants for concrete, quarries, road-making, etc. Our clients include: 1) Manufacturers of concrete products (hollow blocks, blocks, edging and paving). 2) Customers seeking to transfer a plant or machine. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of our clients' needs from the outset, looking at all specific local and industrial factors before deciding on the logistics and choice of equipment (new or used). We choose the equipment that's right for you, and we deal with every aspect of its complete transfer to you. We have all the skills and experience needed to deliver services of this types, including: - automation, - civil engineering, - mechanical engineering and vibration, - hydraulics, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

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Centrale à béton 150 m3/h

Centrale à béton 150 m3/h

Viimeisin saavutus ・ 9. marrask. 2015 lue lisää Open In New icon

Fourniture d'une centrale à béton de 150 m3/h malaxeur 2.50 m3, ............


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224 rue Jean Giono

33290 Le Pian Médoc - Ranska


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    11 – 50
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    1 – 10
  • Vienti % liikevaihdosta
    80 %


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    Pääkonttori – Emoyhtiö
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ALE73:n toiminta

  • Betonin valmistus -koneet ja laitteet
  • Rakennusmateriaalien valmistus - koneet ja laitteet
  • Concrete, machines, used, transfer
  • concrete pipe machine
  • wooden planks for fabrication of block presses
  • käytetyt koneet
  • Used industrial equipment
  • Concrete industry
  • Used planks
  • Concrete presses