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ATLANTIQUE RÉPARTITION, your convenient wholesaler and independent regional dispatcher. A partner close to you, a team on hand for your daily needs. Continuous improvement is our leitmotif: we are there to turn your problems into solutions. PROCUREMENT: all our orders are placed every day with the 120 biggest laboratories. We target them in line with your requirements because you are at the heart of our priorities. STOCK MANAGEMENT: the stock level is updated and sorted daily. The columns and rows enable us to locate each storage cell and number them all. We take the greatest care with stock management, because they are tomorrow's sales for you. ORDER PREPARATION: all orders are manually picked. The products are carefully placed in cells for your convenience. Thomas, the head pharmacist, checks them personally one-by-one. DISTRIBUTION: Morgane or Ludivine make deliveries once or twice a day. You will see their smiles even under their masks. AFTER-SALES SERVICE: because you are not merely "customers", but “partners” with whom we make the company grow together, our after-sales service is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Your feedback helps us to improve and your satisfaction is our finest reward. Please feel free to contact us for further details!

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2020 - Atlantique Répartition

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