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In order to enable the efficient bending of even extremely small parts and to thereby meet the requirements of our customers, we have developed a controlled bending machine tool for extremely small parts, the BT-150. It is now finally possible to produce extremely small bent parts such as technical springs, contacts, covers, brackets and housings quickly and easily and without using special tools. This machine is primarily used in tool manufacturing, in the electronics industry, in sheet metal machining and in the medical technology industry, but it also used in many other sectors. As our BT-150 has also enabled us to solve problems faced by other companies, Blech-Tec has quickly established itself as a machine manufacturer. Our location in Sauerlach, Altkirchen district, has excellent transport links thanks to its position in the south of Munich, just outside of the city limits. Our company is situated on the A8 and the A99, enabling it to be reached quickly and easily both from outside of Munich and from nearly every part of the city.

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Kleine Biegemaschine BT-150 für kleine Biegeteile

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