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CBD wholesale & CBD oil contract bottling. Hanftasia e.U. is a manufacturer, wholesaler and quality supplier of CBD products. CBD White Label - CBD Private Label - CBD bulk quantities The company Hanftasia (CBD) e.U, with its headquarters in AT-3730 Eggenburg, 70km east of Vienna, is a manufacturer, wholesaler, contract filler and quality provider of CBD products as well as operator of the most modern fully automatic hemp vending machine shop in Austria, located in the Horn district. The development and growth of the company are always based on the principle of providing customers with a high-quality and inexpensive product. We are manufacturers of CBD OIL and also offer our CBD oils as white label or private label products. We offer sales partners high-quality certified CBD oils for end customers and wholesalers. Through the cooperation with the largest manufacturers, farmers from the EU and the USA, we can obtain the raw materials necessary for the production of CBD OIL in large quantities and offer you a high quality product at a low price. Our philosophy is that quality does not always have to be expensive.

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