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“Inter-Pack” company was established in 2007 and has become one of the leaders of the branch. The main type of “Inter-Pack’s” activity is production and selling of paper tubes (cores) and protective cardboard edge protectors (corners). Modern technological equipment, high quality raw materials from reliable suppliers, high production standards and strict quality control allow us to produce edge protectors and paper tubes of the desired characteristics at the lowest price. Basic principles of the “Inter-Pack” are: the quality and speed. Our experts help customers to solve their problems with packaging of their products, reducing costs in the production, storage and transportation of products by selecting the appropriate packaging, as well as improving the sustainability thanks to the speed and timeliness of our deliveries. All products “Inter-Pack” are environmentally safe and recyclable. The quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 has been implemented at “Inter-Pack”. The Lead Auditor of Management Systems TUV NORD CERT confirmed the high level of qualification, responsibility and personnel awareness about a quality management system.

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We offer for needs of our customers, paper tubes of spiral winding of its own production. The products are being manufactured by qualified employees on modern high-tech european equipment. The manufacturing process of paper tubes and raw materials used in the process, do not harm the environment. Paper tubes are used in the textile, printing, food, chemical and metallurgical industry in the production of various tapes, films, fabrics, yarns, paper, cardboard, etc. We offer paper tubes (cores) with the following dimensions: – inner diameter, mm: 30 – 200 – thickness, mm: 2 – 17 – length, mm: according to the client’s order. By customer request paper tubes can be manufactured to specific individual characteristics: – on the inner and the outer surface of the tubes, can be printed information about the customer, its logo and other. – outer and inner surface of the tube can be carried out in any color. – we can offer individual (atypical) internal diameter for tubes.


Återvinningsbar papp, limmad (vattenbaserat). Flera lager av kartong som sammanfogas under värme och tryck, och därefter formas till en vinkel. Produktfördelar: - förhindrar skador. - håller ihop lasten och gör den mer stadig under transport. Kantskydd Flexibla kantskydd Kantskydd av kartong brun Bandskydd kulmasuoja Suojaprofiilit pahvin kulmien suojaus kartonkiset kulmasuojat

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  • Henkilökunnan määrän mukaan
    101 – 200
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    1 – 10
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    70 %


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    Pääkonttori – Emoyhtiö
  • Päätoimiala
    Valmistaja/ Tuottaja



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