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KRUK LLC is a diversified agricultural enterprise and primarily specializes in the production of feed mixtures: the processing of soy products, including oil, meal, and full-fat extruded soy. Soy, a high-calorie product with a high protein content, is a universal feed for all types of animals, birds, and fish, significantly enhancing the economic efficiency of animal husbandry. In 2018, the snail farm 'FERMA EKO' was formed based on KRUK LLC, specializing in the cultivation of gourmet snails. A separate direction is the production of fuel briquettes, which have found consumers both in Ukraine and beyond its borders. Thus, KRUK LLC contributes to the production of alternative fuels. Throughout its 30-year history, KRUK LLC consistently reaffirms its status as a reliable manufacturer and partner. The company's high level of work is confirmed by the ISO 22000 quality management system and numerous awards, including: In 2012, KRUK LLC, according to the International Economic Rating 'League of the Best, ' received the 'Enterprise of the Year' status and the corresponding certificate of international standard. In 2014, the company became a laureate of the regional stage of the All-Ukrainian competition '100 Best Products of Ukraine.' In 2016, it received the 'Star of Quality' in the National Rating of Quality of Goods and Services."

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50 Zaliznychna St.

42200 Lebedyn - Ukraina


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