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We have been designing and manufacturing architectural glassware in Haute-Saône for many centuries. La Rochère is France's only manufacturer of glass brick and tiles. Everything we make is intended to allow natural light to flood into buildings. Our glassware, whether bricks, pavers, tiles or all panels, transforms static walls into living and expressive surfaces. Our glass, made in France since 1475, is dense and luminous. It highlights the structure of buildings, illuminates interiors and offers users a sense of freedom and light. These are striking products that offer a bold statement of intent. Our ranges, which have grown over the centuries, include our own designs as well as pieces made to order in collaboration with architects, which we are delighted to present to you. Continuing age-old craft techniques, the special features of our manufacturing process imbues our glass for every day with a special robust character that is also expressed through the designs. Our designers, who draw their inspiration from our archives and the French lifestyle, work to adorn today's contemporary tables with their unique creations, some of which have become iconic such as the Abeille (bee) glass. Please feel free to contact us for further details!

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