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Pipelinepharma.com is a B2B pharma marketplace that connects pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutraceuticals manufacturers with buyers around the globe. For platform buyers ─ distributors, sales and marketing organizations, in-licensing companies, pharmacy chains, wholesalers ─ it accelerates the building of product pipeline by directly connecting them with qualified manufacturers worldwide. For platform sellers ─ CTD dossier owners, manufacturers, out-licensing companies ─ it helps find buyers, finalize deals, sign commercial agreements, and significantly reduce time to market. We help suppliers increase their market reach by connecting them with 10.000+ high-potential, qualified buyers from 127 countries. Based in the EU, Pipelinepharma.com is the only European B2B pharma marketplace for finished dosage formulations with verified, up-to-date dossier information. The marketplace lists more than 85.000 finished-dose generics, biosimilars, medical devices and nutraceuticals from 1.800 GMP manufacturers. Being one of the largest expert-curated databases of medicines globally, Pipelinepharma.com is a top choice for sourcing differentiated, niche and hard-to-get products. Pipelinepharma team unites 30+ pharma business development experts, brokers, and consultants with an extensive track record in European pharmaceutical commerce. Register on Pipelinepharma to search for molecules from different suppliers or list the products you are producing. Free of charge.

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Pipelinepharma participates in PLCD meeting in Frankfurt

Osallistuminen tapahtumaan ・ 26. huhtik. 2022 lue lisää Open In New icon

Let's meet live at PLCD "Spring Meeting" of the German Pharma Licensing Club in Frankfurt, Germany. Pipelinepharma will be represented by Dr. Ralf Siebein.


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