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SD-Becks company produces animal feed for livestock and poultry, extruded all-in-one fodder, and compound feed additives for poultry and all species of farm animals. SD-Becks has been working in the market of animal feed for over 4 years and distributes its products in more than 17 cities of Russia. The company produces biologically active feed supplements and natural feed free of growth stimulants and antibiotics: — Feed for dual-purpose chicken breeds, broilers, and quail; — Feed supplements for fattening pigs; — Feed for ducks and other waterfowl; — Feed additives for horses — a phytobiotic feed concentrate IMMUNO-POWER with vitamin and mineral mix. Extrusion makes it possible to destroy cell walls, break chemical bonds, and alter the physical and molecular structure of raw materials to create an animal feed that is more useful and easier to digest. Extruded feeds have five to eight times more soluble substances and are more nutritious and efficient. SD-Becks produces animal feed in close cooperation with the Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy on scientific developments and the implementation of advanced technologies in the feed industry. SD-Becks creates its rations using high-precision customized software, tests them in laboratories and research centers, and then the livestock feeds undergo final testing at agricultural companies.

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