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Synerlink, a company of the American Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems group, is a seasoned supplier of in-line filling solutions and rigid packaging for dairy products, beverages and other food products. As the leading designer and manufacturer of integrated packaging lines, we produce ultra-clean aseptic extra long-life products to offer maximum performance. We offer a broad range of solutions under our Arcil, Ermi, Dairy Pack, Dinieper and Aprium brands: form-fill-seal (FFS) and fill-seal (FS with preformed pots and bottles) equipment that can be supplemented by robotic end-of-line solutions such as sleeving, transfer, overwrapping, collection, putting into cartons and palletization.

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Automatic PET Bottle Blowing, Filling, and Capping Machines

PET bottle blowing and filling ・ 15. jouluk. 2021 lue lisää Open In New icon

When purchasing bottling equipment, today’s dairy and beverage manufacturers need solutions that are flexible, simple to use, and cost and space efficient. These characteristics are especially important for low-volume production scenarios (i.e., 8,000 bottles-per-hour of fewer) when labor, floorspace and capital equipment budgets tend to be in short supply. For this reason, Synerlink has developed the CombiBlow, an all-in-one bottling solution for blowing, filling, and capping PET bottles. In this post, you will learn some of the top advantages that make CombiBlow an ideal solution for low-volume dairy and beverage products in bottles.


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