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Trivialtex is a Portugal-based high-quality Polyamide and Polyester producer and a reference in polyamide 6 and polyamide 6.6 for the textile market in Europe. We play a role as a provider of high-quality synthetic fiber for knitters, weavers, the sportive garment industry, etc. Trivialtex operates with two different business lines: Polyamide and Polyester producing Polymide 6 and 6.6, Polyester Dope Dyed, as well as Custom Milled Yarn. Our machines are 100% made in Europe. Our mission is to strengthen our presence as a strategic partner for professional fabric manufacturers and brands in Europe and develop and provide personalized textile products that meet our client’s different requirements. Why Trivialtex? - All of our products are certified Oeko-tex Standard 100, a well-known textile certification standard for consumer safety. - Our compromise is to keep enhancing our products and services - continuously. Therefore, we invest in training, vertical operation, and technology. - Our facilities have three laboratories to ensure high physical standards, color development, and assure the soundness and quality of our yarns. - Our teams and suppliers are engaged in our shared goal of improving and delivering beyond expectations products to our clients, always putting into practice methods and techniques to upgrade our commercial practices. Don't hesitate in contacting us for more info!

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Osallistuminen tapahtumaan ・ 5. heinäk. 2022 lue lisää Open In New icon

It was an enormous pleasure to be part of this big event TECHTEXTIL 2022 in Frankfurt. Trivialtex has the oportunity to present their new sustainable articles such as "Beo-degradable" and "Recycled" yarns. After this pandemic time, we were pleased to receive our clients strengthen our business relationships. It was also an occasion to expand our area of ​​intervention in the textile market and present our new articles.


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