When Margarete Ellermann founded the company in 1985, she started as a sales representative, selling Batyline® fabrics from the company Taraflex® exclusively for Germany. She recognised the versatile opportunities that textiles offer in architecture, and was quickly able to convince several leading designers and architects of the design options that textile construction brought with it. With textiles, large areas could quickly be clad to look attractive. So Ellermann GmbH was established over the years as a supplier for trade fair construction, and occupied the interface between designer/architect, end customer and trade fair constructors or agencies. Today, the fields of work comprise consulting and project-specific fabric development, engineering, and prototype construction, as well as production and worldwide assembly of complex temporary and permanent textile constructions.

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  • 11 – 50
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  • Perustamisvuosi 1985
  • Päätoimiala Päätoimiala Valmistaja/ Tuottaja

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  • Tekniset tekstiilit lääketieteelliseen käyttöön
  • Väliseinät
  • Naamarit, suoja-
  • Partitions, mobile
  • Dividers, mobile, for offices
  • All-purpose protective clothing
  • Disinfectant dispensers
  • Respirator masks
  • Disposable gowns
  • Masks for everyday use
  • Dividers, mobile
  • Disposable medical supplies
  • Protective jackets, medical
  • Single-use lab clothing
  • Single-use protective clothing
  • Reusable respiratory face masks
  • Perspex acrylic spit and sneeze guards
  • Divider systems
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