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Magtrol is an international company, recognized as a leader in manufacturing various sensors, test equipment and customized motor test bench. Since 1953, Magtrol develops and supplies products for measurement and control of torque-speed-power, load-force-weight and displacement. MAGTROL INC, which is headquartered in Buffalo NY (USA), is a leading manufacturer of motor test equipment and hysteresis brakes and clutches. MAGTROL SA, located in Rossens (Switzerland), also offers motor test equipment as well as products to measure, control and monitor load-force-weight and displacement. Magtrol offers customers a wide array of measurement and control solutions, combined with a high quality worldwide sales and service network. Today, the company employs approximately 200 collaborators around the world, committed to providing innovative and personalized solutions.

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High Speed Motor and Handpiece Testing 400000rpm and higher

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MSD Mega Speed Dynamometer is the latest Magtrol innovation in the very high-speed motor and system testing. Challenged by its numerous customers in the Dental and Surgical field, Magtrol is pushing the limit to a level which was never reached. The braking effect is based on Eddy-Current induced on an aluminum disc directly mounted on the DUT (Device Under Test) shaft. Torque is measured frictionless by a 20 mN·m Reaction Torque Sensor having a resolution of 0.01 mN·m. Due to the thermal effect on the disc, the Mega Speed Dynamometer is not suit­able for endurance testing, but can be used to generate a fast curve or perform point to point testing. An infrared sensor monitors the temperature of the disc and stops the test in case of overheating. The disc can be designed and sized according to the motor parameters. The system is contactless therefore alignment is not critical and the inertia is very low (no friction, no residual or drag torque).... more info:

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